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In Campfire Audio’s case, sealing wax your 3D impressions are scanned and kept on file for any future orders or alterations. My Campfire Solstice samples fit my ears like a tailored suit. Each pack comes with several shapes and sizes, and you can even trim them to fit your exact needs. It even comes with a travel pump for use outside the home. But don’t sweat, because this list is full of tons of weird-but-genius items that can help you get the most out of your home — from under-the-cabinet jar openers to light-up clocks that tell the time with words. I mean, some home solutions can be quite obvious — but other times, you may have a less traditional need you weren’t even aware of. It’s made of durable wood with perfectly measured grooves, allowing you to use the stainless steel cutter to make clean and even slices every time. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe when you’re ready to clean it.

When you’re ready to remove it, just twist the item and pull upward. If you’re looking to add a decorative touch to just about anything, try these quick-dry paint pens. If you don’t have counter space for a free-standing paper towel rack, try this mountable paper towel holder instead. This magnetic eyeglass holder is here to protect and store your frames. This flameless heater comes with compartments to store your ingredients, two stainless steel forks for toasting marshmallows, and an easy on and off button. It has two expandable sides so it can adjust to fit the width of most bathtubs. I was then asked to bite on a bite block, which keeps the mouth open for the best fit (sometimes ear canals open up slightly when they open their mouths). Occasionally, you might have to send the earbuds back to the manufacturer for a fit adjustment, but most of the time they should be perfect from the outset. The words are illuminated with LED lights to show the time in five-minute intervals (“ten past nine,” “fifteen to eight” and so on). Turnaround time varies significantly from company to company, ranging from roughly two to eight weeks after they receive your impressions.

In addition to six outlets, it also features two USB ports. It comes with a host of features, including two slots for phones, a collapsible frame that can stand on its own or sit on a tabletop, and a light with three different color settings. The night light on top is automatically activated based on ambient lighting. Level up your at-home photo and video skills with this ring light set. Each set comes with 20 different colors and can be used on a variety of surfaces including glass, wood, ceramics, and more. If you have annoying LED lights on chargers or cable boxes, these light-blocking stickers can black them out completely. Once they hardened, the audiologist twisted the impressions out of my ear, and I tried not to cringe at some earwax staining the molds. While each audiologist might do things a little differently, for the most part, the process seems to be fairly consistent for silicon ear molds.

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Making ear molds is something virtually any audiologist can do, although some have more experience with making impressions for custom earbuds specifically. This comprehensive bathtub tray has all the features you need for a relaxing bath experience. It features three additional compartments for glasses, remotes, and even smartphones. It’s lined with velvet to protect your valuables and features eight hooks for hanging necklaces and bracelets at the top, as well as a row of pouches below. It’s lined with sturdy fabric and comes in multiple shades. It comes with a neoprene sleeve that prevents mess from condensation, as well as a pouch for your phone or other essentials. Each of these 12 clear boxes comes with a front-loading door, so you can easily place your items in and identify them. The block is made from walnut wood and comes with all the necessary materials to mount it. The wood is treated with a nonslip finish while offering up a chic look to any space.

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