It can be installed with adhesive tape or screws. If you’d rather not use screws, it can be installed via adhesive tape, too. The device creates a super hot current that works without fire and can deliver up to 60 uses before it needs to be recharged via USB. Made from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, its blade, which sits in between the horns, works to sharpen your knife with just a few strokes. The exterior brush ensures you can clean the outside of the glass simultaneously with just a few twists. It even comes with a travel pump for use outside the home. I mean, some home solutions can be quite obvious — but other times, you may have a less traditional need you weren’t even aware of. But don’t sweat, because this list is full of tons of weird-but-genius items that can help you get the most out of your home — from under-the-cabinet jar openers to light-up clocks that tell the time with words.

Embossers and Office Supplies - UK Wax Seals Ltd If you have annoying LED lights on chargers or cable boxes, these light-blocking stickers can black them out completely. Not only are they stackable to save surface area, but the lids have a tray-like lip for extra storage on top. This jar-and-bottle opener is here to pry open even the toughest of lids. Simply swing open the magnetic frame door, insert your record, and change it up whenever you choose. It comes with a host of features, including two slots for phones, a collapsible frame that can stand on its own or sit on a tabletop, and a light with three different color settings. Take your passion for music to new heights with this vinyl record frame. These wooden frames allow you to display your record collection with ease while protecting them with a clear layer of acrylic material. This magnetic knife holder maintains the look of a classic wooden knife block while offering the ease of a magnetic strip.

This tissue box cover not only stores your tissues in an attractive faux leather case, but it also displays other items with ease. Get your jewelry organized like a pro with this double-layer jewelry box. Once you receive the earbuds, you might need to give yourself some time to get used to the seamless fit, but that’s unlikely to be an issue if you’re already accustomed to earbuds with deep insertion. This comprehensive bathtub tray has all the features you need for a relaxing bath experience. It features a glass carafe with liquid measurements and a reusable laser-cut mesh filter that doesn’t need replacing. The labels are easy to write on and stick to a variety of materials, including plastic and glass. A decanter works by aerating your wine with oxygen to help enhance the flavor, and this glass offering is as useful as it is attractive. It works with jars of all different lid sizes. And how can you put an end to stubborn jars that won’t open once and for all? I was then asked to bite on a bite block, which keeps the mouth open for the best fit (sometimes ear canals open up slightly when they open their mouths).

If neither digital nor analog clocks fit your style, try this light-up word clock instead. If you struggle to evenly slice a cake or cut a pizza, try this knife and cutting board set. Your customs manufacturer might have a set of guidelines that you can mention to your audiologist to make sure everything goes smoothly with your impressions. Custom earbud makers will often have a list of preferred or trusted audiologists to choose from, but almost any audiologist should be able to make ear impressions. Making ear molds is something virtually any audiologist can do, although some have more experience with making impressions for custom earbuds specifically. If you don’t have counter space for a free-standing paper towel rack, wax press stamp try this mountable paper towel holder instead. Not only is it easy to use at a quick glance, but it also adds a decorative flair to your space. Plus, you can use the flat underside as a serving plate. Whether you’re trying to solve a household issue or add a cool new feature to your kitchen, caring for your space can be rewarding, exhausting, and sometimes even perplexing. Add a bit of elegance to your dinners with this red wine decanter.

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