Spoon the wax onto the top of the jelly. Spoon the melted wax onto the top of the jelly in the jars, nearly up to the jar top. In the video you will see those first cans and jars, but first I want to back up a bit and explain why canning with wax is so fringe, and why you would want to can in the first place. They don’t address where the community might have found a supply of these relatively rare jars, or how many they have. Yet it’s my belief that the main danger of paraffin canning isn’t the technique itself, but the way contemporary people might use it. The method works very much the same as the “open kettle” technique I described in my earlier post on the history of canning. There is so much disinformation in the prepping world as to what the word will actually look like after the collapse that I think few people will be prepared for what is coming.

You could probably sun dry those apples but I think you will have much more success canning them. The Jarden Company that manufacturers most canning jars in this country states emphatically that it is not safe to heat glass jars in the dry heat of an oven. How do you seal glass bottles at home? Similarly one may ask, how do you seal jam with wax? One of the problems I had was a lot of conflicting info and advice on wax recipes.. In the video I mentioned the show “The Walking Dead” because though I resisted watching it for 5 years, eventually I succumbed, and it carries a lot of good lessons for survival. How you view survival is crucial to actual survival I think. I don’t think it has to be very thick, if you are only keeping the food for a short while. There are very few foods that will last a long time without some kind of preservation method.

Levels if you will. Bring to a simmer (180°F) and simmer for at least 10 minutes-this will prevent the jars from breaking when filled with hot food (called “hot packing”) or when transferred to the boiling water bath. How long does it take jars to seal after water bath? Do you have to seal jam jars? You just have to wade through all the aromatherapy and candlemaking suppliers, who charge more. Do you need to register your undertrained son who only has a learner’s permit? You need to pay attention to the details. Just before use, they need to be sterilised and dried, using clean hands. You need a pressure canning pot because of botulism. I have not gone so far as to pull the pressure weight off before the pressure is down to see if the food stays put with a violent pressure drop, but feel free to experiment yourself.

If we have time to return to the topic, I will show you how I would do it, and see if perhaps there are adhesion issues if the wax is discolored. Your general car wash is done in the form of a wash and vacuum cleaner that includes shampooing (the entire car including wheels and tires), towel drying to remove water stains or streaks, wax seal stickers and sometimes spraying of wax. Topping up’ with more wax frequently doesn’t seem to form and airtight seal. It is available in liquid form and solid block form. Your glass storage jars must be without chips or cracks. The canner must have a rack and a tight-fitting lid. Next, screw on the lids and put the jars onto a canning rack. As I explained in the video, there are two functions in canning food for preservation. However, there are several ways to clean a car. … When you open the lid and hear a pop what is happening is that air is coming in to fill the low pressure inside, which indicates that there was a good seal. There are also a ton of really bad falsehoods, but I won’t get into those right now.

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